T-event format is a corporate training program
that increases participants’ awareness
of their own 
resources and
promotes corporate development.

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Wellness Program


It is a unique growth path where participants are guided in an extraordinary way through a unique sport experiences followed by training sessions with professional coaches. Thanks to the 100% safe sporting event, participants experience new emotions and increased motivation, both in the interaction with other participants and in facing new challenges. The coach stimulates participants to gain a different perspective, overcome their limits, challenge themselves and the context, thus achieving better results.


A Fun sporting event produces teambuilding,
positive emotions and
motivates participants to learn more 
That experience is then rationalized through debriefing
and training sessions.

Programs include:

Context analysis and understanding of company, industry, size, turnover, etc. Better grasping of  challenges and needs through higher personal involvement, stronger individual skills, collective skills

Event Planning

Knowledge distribution (initial briefing, sports experiences, intermediate and final debriefing, training sessions)

Monitoring and consolidation of obtained results in the medium/long term (video footage, social community and periodic reminders)

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